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Used Glove boxes - We Buy Sell & Service Used Glove boxes

Used Glove boxes - We Buy Sell & Service Used Glove boxesUsed Glove boxes - We Buy Sell & Service Used Glove boxes

About Our Business - Used Glovebox - used glove boxes

Glovebox used in clean room

We Are Dedicated to the Used Glovebox Market

UsedGlovebox.com was founded in 2009 by James Hanson, who has been involved in the Inert Atmosphere Glovebox industry since 1988.   We provide Used Glove Boxes to major University Laboratories, National Laboratories, Corporate R&D Laboratories and Manufacturing Plants to satisfy their unique technical laboratory & scientific equipment requirements as related to operation within an inert atmosphere glovebox.   We also handle most used glovebox accessories including: inert gas purifiers, dri-trains, ni-trains, oxygen analyzers, moisture monitors, antechambers, vacuum ovens, In-line solvent removal, inert atmosphere freezers, cold traps, bubblers,...etc.


 Used Gloveboxes  MBraun & Vacuum Atmospheres

We Limit Your Risk When Purchasing a Used Glovebox

Due to typical glove box longevity, many gloveboxes often outlive the application for which they were purchased..  When properly operated and maintained,a glovebox may continue to preform well for many years   Often glove boxes are offered by clearing houses who have little understanding of the technology and no operational history of the system. 

Used MBraun Glovebox sold by Usedglovebox.com

We Take the Guess Work Out of Purchasing a Used Glovebox

 We pride ourselves, not only on offering used gloveboxes for sale, but also on providing outstanding technical customer service.    Let us help you find, install and operate a reliable used glovebox system that will meet your process requirements for years to come.  In today's tough economy, it is essential that you make the most of your budget or grant dollars.   Finding the right used glovebox is a sound investment that will allow you to accomplish your goals, while maintaining your budget.